LOC #1 Fantasy Football #1 podcast
LOC #1 fantasy football podcast number three

This week the boys discuss: Is it time to panic?, A new segment entitled “SO SOWWY” complete with it’s own theme song, what happened last week, and what’s to come this week.

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LOC #1 fantasy football podcast number two

This week the boys discuss the value of mock drafts,  Peyton Manning’s neck injury, add/drop transactions, the Thursday night game between the Saints and Packers, and then make their weekly predictions.

For our predictions, here are the point thresholds.  For example, a RB needs to break 20 points to be considered a PRIME TIME PLAYER, and needs to score less than 10 to be a SCRUB

RB 20+ / 10-
WR 17+ / 8-
TE 15+ / 7-
QB 25+ / 10-

Our last topic is the difficulty around pre-season trading.

Lastly, Cecil Shorts.

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LOC #1 fantasy football podcast number one

0:00 Intro

3:00 Draft talk begins

5:00 Kit Kat

9:00 Casey

14:00 Thanny K

18:20 Clevo/JSH

21:00 Bedard

26:00 Melly/Wayne

35:00 Bourboli

42:00 Decker

45:25 AJ

45:40 Casey says AJ has a decent team

46:15 Casey starts laughing

47:00 Casey still laughing

47:20 Casey starts laughing again

48:00 Greg

51:30 Fat Rich

53:45 Casali

57:30 Tim

1:01:45 Barrow

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Episode #1 coming soon…

Recording right now…Casey is laughing at AJ